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Why join?

24 Hour Support
Injury Compensation
Financial Assistance

Why Join

Everyone has different reasons for joining, but arguably the main reason is the support that members give each other. There is also a general sense of solidarity locally among members. We help each other individually with specific issues, as a group when we negotiate terms and conditions with our institutions and nationally with issues such as pay and pensions.


There are a number of discounts and privileges you can get as a member; discount on cars, mortgages, holidays, car insurance right through to smaller ticket items such as glasses, chocolates and toys.

More information here: Unison Rewards

Help when you need it.

At a workplace level, local stewards (union reps) and branch officers are Unison members like you who are trained to help other members with workplace issues, from informal chats up to representing members at formal meetings such as disciplinary hearings and grievances. If things get more serious, regional Unison staff can access legal advice and support right up to the tribunal level, where the union will pay tribunal fees if the member's case is supported by the union.

There is also 24-hour help from central Unison if you need it. This can be legal advice, or support and advice around any issue affecting you and your family.

The number for members to call is 0800 0 857 857

Have your say in the workplace

Being part of Unison means you can have a stronger say in what happens in your workplace, especially if you work for an employer that 'recognises' Unison as a trade union. This means the employer will negotiate with Unison on pay and terms and conditions, and also consult them in a whole variety of areas that affect staff. Members can meet with reps to tell them their priorities, respond to consultations on new policies and ultimately become reps themselves and directly discuss important matters with management.