heart_unison_logotype_contained.jpg HIGHER EDUCATION GREENWICH

Unison, including UHEG members, will be attending this weekends march against austerity measures.
Join at 1pm at Gower Street/Euston Road.
More details here: http://www.thepeoplesassembly.org.uk/hhje

Below are the official demo demands, attendees can demand anything though so the skys the limit as far as placards are concerned :)

Demo demands:

The Tories are facing their biggest crisis yet. Revelations of over David Cameron’s stake in his father’s off shore tax haven, prove that this is a government for the privileged few, not for the majority. This shows beyond all doubt that Cameron is divorced from the life of any working person.

The governments failure to deal with the steel crisis could leave thousands without a job. They've attacked junior doctors and student nurses while privatising the NHS. They plan to force all schools to become academies and teachers are now balloting to strike over pay and conditions. They've done nothing to address the growing housing crisis. Iain Duncan Smith’s resignation shows a government falling apart.

This is a situation, which is unrecoverable for the Tories if we mobilise, demonstrate and unite everyone together against austerity.


  • Fully funded and publicly owned NHS - end privatisation
  • Invest in health workers - end the staffing crisis
  • No cuts or closures


  • Hands off social housing
  • Secure homes for all
  • Control rents


  • Scrap the Trade Union Reform Bill
  • Stop insecure contracts
  • End the pay freeze, living wage for all


  • Scrap Tuition Fees
  • Invest in our futures - stop cuts to education
  • End the marketisation of education

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