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With our AGMs coming up on 27 March (Avery Hill) and 29 March (Greenwich), all paid-up members of HE Greenwich UNISON branch who’ve been in the branch for at least 13 weeks can now be nominated into any of the officer roles to help run the branch this year. If you already know you want to stand, here's the nomination form!

It’s important to us that the nomination process is open and democratic and we’d like to encourage all members to feel very welcome to put themselves forward for any of the roles.

But what are those roles, and what do they involve?

The roles

The possible roles you may like to be nominated for are as follows:

You can read full descriptions of many of these roles on the national UNISON web site.

An important thing to remember when considering most of these roles is that you are volunteering to assist the union branch to be more effective, and as such you should read the descriptions’ bullet points as ideal guidance rather than requirements. No branch officer has ever done everything listed for their role, but every small contribution is a help!

So please, if you see a role you think you’d like to get involved through, do ask other members to nominate you for it!

In particular please note that the following positions are currently vacant so we would especially welcome nominations for these positions:

We are also urgently seeking Health and Safety Reps (one per University campus plus Trinity Laban).

The process

If you, or anyone you know, would like to stand for any of the roles, the process is very simple.

First, complete the nomination form.

You can fill in most of the form yourself, then two other members of the branch need to nominate you by completing their details and signing the form in the relevant places.

Once your nomination form is complete, return it to branch secretary Edith Speller. Preferably scan and email it to unison@trinitylaban.ac.uk but if this isn’t possible return by post to:

Edith Speller, HE Greenwich UNISON
Jerwood Library, Trinity Laban
King Charles Court
Old Royal Naval College
SE10 9JF

to arrive by Tuesday 27 February 2018.

Please spread the word to any colleagues you think may be interested in helping shape the direction of our branch of UNISON this year. It would be great to have you on board!

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