heart_unison_logotype_contained.jpg HIGHER EDUCATION GREENWICH

We have move the website from ugu.org.uk to uheg.org.uk to reflect the branch's name change to Unison Higher Education Greenwich.

The reasons for the change:

  • We currently feel the name confers that it is for University of Greenwich staff only, and we wish to broaden our membership and be more inclusive in our approach.
  • As well as attracting Non-UoG members we believe this will make it clearer to contract and agency staff generally, that they have representation whoever they work for in HE within our locality.
  • There is proportional high input from other HEIs in the area and they are excluded from representation within the name; it would be appropriate to include all members within the name
  • The name change will make the branch seem bigger and more effective and inclusive.
  • The name is also slightly misleading, although members clearly recognise and would wish to commend the long history of the branch under its soon to be former name.
  • There are a couple of HEI with currently very small membership, Ravensbourne and GSM, and we feel the a name change may help recruit in these two HEIs.
  • We wish for every member to feel they can contribute, no matter which HEI they are from and that the name change will help facilitate this.
  • Finally, the name Higher Education Greenwich is just more applicable give the day-to-day activities of the branch.

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